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November 28, 2011


Plumber in Seattle WA

That was a beautiful husband. Your husband really love you big time.

Wilda Hartzog

What a Grand New Kitchen all the room in the world to work on all sides,the old one was nice also alittle cramped but wishing you lots of fun in the days ahead in your new kitchen. I pray someday to have my own again. Keeping the FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so nice!The photo at the top is the new kitchen, photo below old kitchen. You can see how much more space I have now. Our contractor, Danni, is a gourmet cook so understands what we need. And, Danni did most of the work herself. She's amazing.

Elinor Duble

Quite a spacious new kitchen you have there. It would definitely be so enjoyable and memorable to cook here with someone. Try it with your husband - that would be fun! Anyway, your new kitchen is glowing in the picture. Oh! How I like the lighting! They add more life to your new kitchen.

Robbie Marinero

Yes, the space has been the story of this remodeling process. It seems as if the whole kitchen was renovated, and the result is a dramatically improved cooking area! In fact, it seems like a whole other kitchen altogether! It's perfect for parties and group dinners!


Patti, this is a beautiful kitchen, what a lucky girl you are! Enjoy!

Judi W

It's gorgeous! Congrats!

Herb Koguchi

My, my, that's a vast improvement! I can see that the colorful tiles at the back have been replaced too (no, you can't hide those tiles there!).


fantastic kitchen! What a pleasure it must be to work in. I would love a new one too, does Danni do commissions in Australia, lol!

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