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November 19, 2010



I am in northern ca. Are there any doll camps up this way? When is your next one and how much is it?
I went to Camp Doll U in Wash in 2004 but could not find a current one. Two friends and I would like to attend one this year. Thanks


Hi Andrea,
We missed you at doll camp. Hope all is well.

Account Deleted

I was so ready to go but, because of a small surgery, I could not be there ... I want to go next time ... it sounds and looks like you all had a great time. :-)


Looks like you guys had a blast! wish i was there! Blessings and fat quarters to ya, love li


I love the exercise ladies beside the dragon lady. . . in their leotards and warming up. Adorable. I love taking classes with you. Hope you had a great birthday this month. . . Blessings, Janet

Jacquie Corrigan

This brings back memories of last year at Angel's Landing. I actually finished my Mei Ling and I just love her. Thank you Patti, for offering retreats. luv, Jacquie♥


Wow I wish I could have been there. It looks like so much fun!

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