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December 12, 2009


Dee Burris

Thank you Patti,
I lov the name tag doll. She will be gorgious!! I'm always looking for small gifts for my sisters in Christ. I usually make each one during our bible studies.
God bless, DEE

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Belated, but none the less heartfelt, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! And hope the New Year is much better than it appears it is going to be!

Thanks for sharing.

Lori Ann Merrill

Thank you soo much, Patti! You have such a giving heart.
Lori ann Merrill

Tina Hart

Thank you so much for this lovely angel pattern Patti. It's so generous of you to put together for us and the instructions are fabulous. The hair may be a bit of a struggle for me, but I know I can get creative and figure something out with it!

Jana Muchalski

So beautiful! Thank you!


Thank you Patti. Glad your husband is home. Joyful Angel is so cute, I wish I had her last week as we had our Daff-O-Dolls luncheon on Friday.
Ruth Anne


Thank you Patti, she is wonderful. I know a few friends anad family that would love her!.....Will send pictures! Merry Christmas!

Peggy Wilson

Hi Patti! Thank you for this lovely angel! This looks like a great opportunity to practice all the fabric embellishment techniques that I have learned over the years.
I love the finer work but most of my elves and gnomes won't hear of it. Of course they must be listening too closely to Lexander, the young Snotgurgle!
Take care and my best to John.

Kaerie Faerie

Happy Holidays Patti
thank you for sharing your angel
you are still a rock star
Kaerie Faerie

Gladys Love

She's beautiful Patti and thank you so much! I think I'll make her today! Merry Christmas to you too!


Thank you Patti for your lovely pattern. Hope John is doing well and pray for his speedie recovery.
Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas too.

Dodie Holst

Thanks Patti, This just might be my answer to small gifts for a Christmas party next week!
Hope John is feeling better today.
Hugs to both of you.

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