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August 11, 2008


Victoria Davis

Love the new doll! I have an idea for the name - how about Bella! Patti you look terrific - haven't seen you in awhile. Just read the 4th book in the twilight series - love the books too. Big hugs, take care, Victoria

Michelle Munzone

Hi Patti,
Your ball joint doll is gorgeous, as all your dolls.
Love seeing the pics of you and family, you're a little shorty like me.........good things come in small packages.....

Cheers, Michelle


Hi Patti
She's a lovely girl how about calling her Hitomi - Japanese name given to girls with beautiful eyes.


I definitely need this pattern, fantastic Im the same as Karen cant afford a bjd either.

Karen Mallory

Love all the faimily photos. Hope the wedding plans are on schedule! My daughter got married last year at the end of June at our house. Tons of stuff to do plus making her dress!

I can relate to being short as the photo of you and your neighbors is about what me (5'1") and my husband (6'4") look like!

Love your new doll. I want to make one too as I can't afford the BJDs either. Will she be a
pattern? Class?
hugs Karen

Liz Parent

I saw her on you pics with Esmerelda on the Dollstreet Travels site she's awesome. I too love the dolfie dolls or ball joint dolls but you're right they're way to expensive please let me know when this pattern's ready I definitely want to order it. By the way love the pic of you and the neighbors that's what look like against everybody, I'm not quite 5 foot.

Lemon Tree Tami

I love that photo of you in between your neighbor and his son. What a great shot! Of course when you were here in norCal I don't recall you being much shorter than any of the ladies at doll club. Therefore I'm guessing that you must live next door to giants!

Oooh, a ball-joint doll in cloth. Very cool. You'll have to design her one of those very Japanese anime style Nolita outfits. :-)

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