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April 06, 2007


Debra Duckett

The only thing that I can say is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I think the most genuine art is that of a child. Don't you agree? Very inspiring.

Debra (Atlanta)


Patti thatis such a beautiful doll. It must be so rewarding to know that your dolls are being created by not only by adults but childrens as well. You must be so proud to see that doll.

jan demetralis

Nothing is more sincere or special than the flattery of children (who create from the heart) and who took your idea (pattern ) and ran with it!!Thanks for sharing this special moment with us !! You do dollmakers and America proud with what you stir up in the imagaination here and across the pond!!! Hugs Jan D (Illinois)

Cheryl Zehner

The doll is amazing. I am so impressed with her and especially at their ages. The girls are just as cute as they can be too. How innovative of them.

Sherry Goshon

Oh Patti that doll the children made is amazing...what a wonderful experience for them...


That is absolutely amazing. You must have been *thrilled* to receive that picture. The doll is bigger than the kids!

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